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Vote Him Out T-shirt slide
Vote Him Out T-shirt slide

Give Power to the Voiceless

We use the language of Hip Hop Culture CREATED in the Bronx and now universally used to give Power to the VOICELESS. The purchase of the T-Shirt finances the foundation for the creation of wegonnatalk.com. We build a local partnership with artists to implement the “Brand/image” for Protest Art 2020 and Murals.

WeGonnaTalk Vote him Out tshirt

Vote Him Out | Tees

We Gonna Talk is a collaborative conversation of Art, Music, Words that will influence decisions for a Progressive Society. Our team is dedicated to supporting and assisting the expansion of inclusive communities. Many feel that their culture identity is being erased. Our proposal is intended to mobilize voluntary participation for social justice you can be proud of.
We started with a simple clear economic idea: the Vote Him Out 2020 T-Shirt. Designed by artist Will Power and events producer Anthony Bowman supporting the cleansing of poisonous ideas from part of our society, while financing the “Shared Freedom” project. The T-Shirt is a conversation, a revenue source and a shared cultural experience.
This e-commerce site WeGonnaTalk.com is used to raise funds for a collection of Artist to showcase in an Open-Air Gallery (First Street Green Art Park). 

"Shared Freedom" | Protest Art Event

“Shared Freedom” Protest Art 2020 at First Street Green Art Park, cocurated by Will Power and Anthony Bowman, is an air open event created to allow a collective of 28 artists to voice their protest against systemic racism, global warming, voter suppression, and many other bull$#! that is going on at this moment. The main goal of this event is to inspire with their art, and together create a better place for all.
This FREE event, located at 35 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003, will be open to the public from October 17th to November 4th, 2020 (the day after Election Day).  An indoors pop-up will also be accessible to the public, with additional art and “VOTE HIM OUT!” t-shirts, available for sale.

The Artists:

@ogmillie x @marthalicia x @mylifein.yellow x @la_femme_cheri x @sacsix x @zimad_art x @praxis_vgz x @biancadoesnyc x @albertusjoseph x @theartofwillpower x @reevilomar x @oscarlet.artist x @earlyrisernyc x @heart1_graff x @jeffroseking x @calichoart x @ramirostudios@sparonetns x @fumeroism x @phetus88 x @dannyminnick x @albert_diaz1 x @flintfotos x @armyofonejc2 x @sjk_171 x @butterflymush x @wore_one@Tekstthc


x x x Photos by B3rky (@b3rky) x x x

Will Power
| The Artist

Will Power is a self taught , New York based, contemporary artist with a natural talent for all things visual. He is a Next Generation Ex Vandals representing one of the World first Graffiti Crew stemming from Brooklyn, New York. Will’s signature technique of seamlessly traverses the boundary between The Urban Art and The Renaissance Art, weaving together Graffiti, Street Art, and Fine Art. His work have elevated Will into one of the art world’s brightest stars. For more about Will, please visit hiphopismyreligion.com
“My mission is to bridge the gap between Urban Art and Fine Art creating a perfect harmony between the two. I simply live to paint, not paint to live.
With everything going on in the year 2020, it is the responsibility of artists to create and document the events and happenings. Anthony Bowman reached out to me to cocurate an event called “Shared Freedom” Protest Art 2020, created to unite artists to voice their Protest or Inspire with their art. This fall 2020, I gathered a collective of 28 artists to paint at First Street Green Art Park, New York, and render their creations pertaining to such. From Global Warming, to Systemic Racism, to the topic that drives their passion. I believe in the power of art. This event will be nothing short of Historic.”
Will Power 4 WeGonnaTalk

+ + + Photo by B3rky (@b3rky) + + +

Anthony Bowman and Milla WeGonnaTalk
+ + + Mila and her proud grandfather Anthony + + +

Anthony Bowman
| The Events Producer

I am always Anthony Bowman, an events curator! All roads lead to “SHARED FREEDOM” but many routes cross getting us there. The “VOTE HIM OUT T-SHIRT” was co-designed by Artist Will Power and I as a visual connection to benefit progressive projects. Will Power and I have collaborated on many projects: The 1st Annual International Hip Hop Day showcasing some of the Elders of Graffiti Writers, DJ’S and MC’S. The wRAPped ‘N BLACK SHOW @ Lichtundfire Gallery, paid homage to the early days of Hip Hop in a starkly naturalistic style in WHITE And BLACK. We now bring you SHARED FREEDOM with over 20 Artist participating in an Open Air Gallery. We also created the 2020 FB and INSTAGRAM PROTEST ART POP UP designed to get out the VOTE and sell participating Artist Merchandise. We use the language of Hip Hop Culture CREATED in the Bronx and now universally used to give POWER to the VOICELESS! You will find participating Artist Links throughout the WeGonnaTalk website. We invite you to help us “wear this administration out.”
Peas and Hugs.